Welcome to Nesbru Upper Secondary School

Nesbru Upper Secondary School was established in 1980 and is centrally situated at Nesbru in the municipality of Asker. Our school is well served by public transportation. We have about 800 students at our school. Of these, about 580 are enrolled in the General Studies programme and in the International Baccalaureate programme. Students choose Nesbru because they want an environment which is safe, friendly, academically solid and with a wide range of opportunities. At our school you can choose between the following education programmes:

  • General Studies
  • International Baccalaureate
  • Media and Communication (General Studies programme from the 2016-17 school year)
  • Media and Communication (Vocational Vg2 and 3 2016-17)
  • Building and Construction
  • Building and Construction, vocational and general studies combined, 4 years (YSK)
  • Interior and Exhibition Design Vg2 and 3
  • Special Education in groups of varying sizes

When you have completed 3 years of upper secondary education, you will be able to achieve both the general university admissions certification, as well as meet special admissions requirements.  Admission to some studies, like Medicine and Graduate Engineering, require you to specialize in Mathematics and Natural Sciences.Admission to further studies will depend on the programme and subjects you choose, and on your academic results.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about us. Welcome as an applicant to our school!




General Studies; Humanities

Hege Sølvberg Nilsen
Head of Department for General Studies
Tlf: 66854422

General Studies; Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Tor Øyvind Andersen
Head of Department for General Studies; Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

International Baccalaureate programme

Elizabeth Laney-Mortensen
IBDP Coordinator
+47 66854414/66854400

Media and Communication, General  Studies programme

Geir Totland
Tlf 66854412


Building and Construction Crafts and Design


Rune Kval
Tlf 66854407

Building and Construction, vocational and general studies combined, 4-year programme (YSK)


Rune Roland Kval
Head of department for Building and Construction and YSK Coordinator

Tlf: 66854407

Special Education

Line Prøis Kristiansen
Tlf 66854569